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I’m happy — S A P!! :)

Hey guys.

At this moment, I’m very happy, though its almost 1 week since I’ve received this happy news. Its my final year of Engineering and so the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is ‘campus placements’. I was hired by SAP last Friday – 16/09/11.

It was only on 13th morning that I returned to college after the mass recruitment drive by Infosys and CTS at the Ettimadai campus of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. I was almost certain that I wouldn’t be attending any more placement tests that week. But, it happened all of a sudden – I would like to call it fate, and good luck! πŸ™‚ If it wasn’t for my friend Rahul, I’d never have enrolled for this company’s placement test.

This was my 5th attempt at placements. I had reached till the interview rounds of companies like Microsoft, Thoughtworks, Sourcebits. But, I couldn’t clear them. I attributed it to my weak basics. I was determined to brush up and strengthen my basics, deriving inspiration from my classmate, Greeshma, who made it into Microsoft. Even I was surprised how determined I could be. It all paid off. Thank God!

Ok, so the placement drive of SAP India Pvt Ltd ( was scheduled for the 15th and 16th of September 2011 at the Ettimadai Amrita School of Engineering. Along with 13 other friends from my campus, I reached the Ettimadai campus on 15th midnight, around 12.30 a.m. The pre placement talk was scheduled for 12.00 p.m the very same day. I don’t know if you would believe me, now that I’m already hired, that I had the intuition that ‘this company is for me’ when the pre-placement talk was being delivered. I was very much impressed by the speaker, and the company. The hiring procedure began with an online test of 90 minutes at around 4.30p.m. There were 90 questions subdivided into 3 sections – logical analysis (30 questions), verbal skills (30 questions), and technical CS (30 questions). These were further subdivided, and each question was timed. The crucial factor was time management. The test didn’t go very well for most of us, including me, but this inner voice made me feel ‘I might get through’. And yes, I did.

Now, my nightmare would haunt me- interview AGAIN! I really didn’t want to fail in yet another interview. I already had had enough. Being one of the top scorers of the class, and losing out on simple, basic questions! I couldn’t take more of them! The very same day two of my classmates, Rahul and Chandni cleared the technical interview round. Mine was scheduled for 16th. That night I used the internet to look for some commonly asked questions and to clear my doubts.

My technical interview round began at around 10.30 a.m the next morning. I wasn’t very tensed. I wanted to clear this one! The interviewer seemed to be a very friendly guy. He briefed me on how he would be splitting time for various sections. After the first basic introduction, he began to ask the technical questions. First was on Linked lists. I was asked to write the code and explain how to swap the max and min elements of a singly linked list. Linked lists are my favorites, and I could easily solve them. Then he asked me if I was comfortable with binary trees, and then asked me to build a binary tree using the input he gave, and then write the code. I took my own time – around 5 minutes, and solved the problem. He didn’t really go thorough the code thoroughly, he only skimmed through it as I explained! I was confident about the solution, though! πŸ™‚ After this, he asked me to explain the object oriented features using the real world example – humans. Though I fumbled in this part, the interviewer really helped me and ultimately he could understand that I knew the concepts. He didn’t ask more, and in around 45 minutes, my technical interview was done.

After this round, I wasn’t satisfied. I felt I hadn’t done my best and a few tears trickled down my cheeks. One of the coordinators from the Ettimadai campus soon came with the news that I’d been selected for the next round, the HR round. I was overwhelmed at this news. Later I found that the interviewer was really impressed with my answers, and that I was one of the two students whom he had given a ‘yes’ within the first 15 minutes into the interview.

HR round was next. I had no experience with this, and so I was totally blank. Rahul and Chandni had already finished their HR rounds, and their only advice to me was ‘be yourself’. They asked me to think for a few seconds before beginning to answer the questions, which I followed exactly. Β The interviewers weren’t looking for brilliant answers.Β Β My interviewer, like the others, was very friendly and helpful, and I had to face the common questions like ‘why Computer Science and Engineering’ etc.Β They only wanted to know if we could literally THINK! πŸ™‚ As per my evaluation, my answers weren’t brilliant, but they weren’t very bad either. The voice inside me echoed that ‘i might get through’. After waiting for around an hour, the coordinators came to us with the happy news! I was overwhelmed. I am really grateful to God.

The SAP employees then invited us for dinner. They said was their tradition to take the newly hired students for dinner. No other company had done so at Ettimadai, at least till what I’ve known. The dinner was SUPERB! We got to know the employees better. They were very jolly people who loved to enjoy, and we enjoyed the food, and their company to the maximum!!

Can’t wait to join SAP!







Paneer Makhanwala

Hey guys,

Aah, here I am, with another delicious dish that I tried out. The taste is different, but its real good! πŸ™‚ The cooking time is just around 10 minutes. You’ll love the dish if you are a fan of paneers and oh yeah, food!

So, here we go…

Ingredients :

Paneer : 250g (prepare with 1.5L of milk)

Fresh Cream : 200g

Tomato Puree : 200g

Chilly powder : 1/2tsp

Butter : 2-3tbsp

Dried methi leaves : 2tbsp

Garam Masala : 1/2tsp

Green Chillies : 2-3 (slit)

Salt (to taste)


Heat the butter and then mix the green chillies, chilly powder, methi leaves, tomato puree, salt and simmer for around 4-5 minutes. Then, add garam masala, paneer and cream and cook for another 2 minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.


Sounds too simple? The taste of the methi leaves stands out, with of course the butter and cream blending wonderfully in your mouth. You’ll love it! Am sorry I didn’t take a pic. Can’t get my computer to recognise my camera (and I was too hungry to wait to get a pic). So,why don’t you guys out there give it a try and post your comments!


A bientot!

First Step : Dal curry

Hey guys,

Like I told you, I have been experimenting.. πŸ™‚ So, here is the simplest of all! Dal curry. It will take just around 10 minutes to cook. Dont take my post as a cookbook. It involves experimentation and your taste buds too.

So, here we go. First, pressure cook the moong dal, about 1/2 cup. In the meantime, chop 2 medium sized onions, ,one tomato, and 2 green chillies. In a pan crack some mustard seeds in 2 tablespoon oil and then fry the onion and green chillies till the onion is golden-brown. Now comes the role of your eyes. If you are a person who loves the bright colours, here is your chance! Add a pinch of turmeric and a tea spoon of chilly powder and enjoy the perfect blending of these two colours. Also put in the chopped tomatoes. When their raw smell disappears, add the dal, half cup of water, salt to taste, and wait till the curry has boiled for around 5 minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves and butter.

This was really a feast to my eyes. I could enjoy the way the colour blended and when all was done, it tasted perfect with chapathis!

Happy cooking!

Bon apetit! πŸ™‚

I’m back! :-)

Hey everybody,

Its yet another vacation, and I’m lost in idleness! Wondering what to do, I end up watching 2 movies a day on HBO, Star Movies, or some other channel on the television. They are all the simple, sweet movie genre, not the action packed ones. Don’t know why, I enjoy those more!

I am back to blogging because of the movie I saw “Julie & Julia”. Its about a government employee (a writer who happens to end up in the government jof), Julie, who finds an outlet to her frustration at office by cooking. She then takes up the challenge of cooking every recipe of the book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” within a year, and blogging on it. She finds inspiration from Julia Child, an author of the book, a famous American chef, who helps her find her find her true talent. Julie’s blog is a hit and she becomes a writer.

Wondering why I am narrating the story here? Naa, don’t worry that I’ve turned into a movie buff and that I’ll be posting them here! The book I mentioned has majority non-vegetarian food! I can’t try them because I am a vegetarian. So here I am, back to my blogging, with a few recipes that I try out during this vacation. For those who wont believe that I actually cooked, the photos will be lined up too!

Common now, wish me all the best of luck! Happy cooking to me! πŸ™‚


Amritakalotsavam ’10

I’ve got lots of things to say. Let me start with Amritakalotsavam ’10. Amritakalotsavam is the intra-college cult fest of our college. Its 2 days of ebullient, fun-filled, shirt-wetting (that’s my creation!) days. Every fun loving student in the college gets ready to beat the heat! Right through the first year of my college, my seniors had warned me not to miss these wonderful moments. I always like cult fests and I’m always in for any of its kind – be it a small role to play, big role to play, or NO role to play! Even at school, I never missed any of the cultural festivals that my school took part in.

As a part of SSR (Student Social Responsibility), my group (8 of us) had decided to set up a food stall. We were very enthusiastic about our project, but when it came to implementation, we had no clue where to start!! Even our faculties appreciated the plan and worked a lot for the permissions. We had an alternate plan to implement because we were almost sure the permissions would be denied. To our surprise, it was approved. So the eight of us sat together, made a detailed plan : set up committees for various requirements like tokens, food source finders, stationary buyers, permission gatherers etc… We were almost ready to implement the project on the days of the cultural fest when the college authorities came into the scene, to announce that they would get the required items for us, and were involving all those interested for the project! The idea was exclusively suggested by our group and we weren’t all nods for that plan!! But then we thought it would be competition for us, and took it in the positive way. 2 days before the fest, the faculties called a meeting to jot down the requirements of each team. They said they would take the expenses and we had to pay only if loss is incurred!! That was not good news for us since we had all the things that it would take to set up the stall : paper cups, paper plates, fruit juice squashes etc, The snacks were still a problem for us. The college prevented us from buying anything from outside in fear of food poisoning.

As was not unexpected, the next day (mind you, day before the fest), the same authorities came with a SORRY guys!! We knew that this would be the ultimate response, and were relieved since we were well equipped. But due to the timely interference of an influential faculty, the head of the CIR Department of our college, the snacks orders were placed from the college canteen, and that worry was out of our heads!!!

The whole implementation was fun. I would like to put in my experience here. It was a team effort. I agree. 2 and a half days. They are bright and clear in my memory, like a movie. I had 9 events to participate during the kalotsavam, but the stall was the best part of the kalotsavam! I ran into the stall put up near the main stage everytime I could spare time from practice. Last year, all I did was practicing the group items and so I missed enjoying the events!! Especially dance. This time, everything was different. πŸ™‚ I am happy for myself for having suggested the topic and lead the team (I am only one of them : all 8 of us are leaders!). I saw team spirit, selfless help, unbounded fun and lots more. When everybody was having fun in front of the main stage, we were dancing in the stall. This should have been a special attraction for the customers : seeing boys and girls move to the music!! πŸ™‚ I was in the cash counter most of the time and so I did only ‘partial’ dancing, else I would have seen somebody dancing away with the money that we collected. We were a group of 8 girls and that is why I would like to thank my class’ boys! Without them, bringing 3 cartons of 2 litre bottles would have seemed like climbing mount Everest for us.! They were extra hands for us. In fact, I have no displeasure or jealousy in dedicating the success of the stall to all my friends who were a part of the stall.

If it wasn’t for the stall, I wouldn’t have got to know many of my friends better, and most importantly myself better. I realized I could actually do things. I walked around coordinating with the faculties, wooing customers to actually come towards the stall and “buy” something. That word, “buy” is important!! Else I would have been the sole customer. My money would have fed “customers”. I got to manage human resource : I could get people to do things. Not that I was a supervisor, I did my part too. But, my contribution would have meant nothing without the others whom I could gather to do the jobs. πŸ™‚ At the end of the day, we sat together counting the money collected and gave kudos to all the members of the stall!! The next task was to see if the accounts were right. We had to settle the deal with the snack provider, and our personal investments. The accounting was a bit difficult task. But I could settle them and give a crystal clear account sheet to the faculties. We had made more than 50% profit out of the money invested. Like one of my friend put it, we had collected enough money to sponsor 2 kids, or even more for one year of their school. Proud of it! πŸ™‚

I know I have missed many things that need to be here, in the post. But when there is concurrent and non-streamlined flow of thoughts, many are missed. All I know is that those days will be in my memory forever, though I wanted you to know them the way I do. Sorry guys! πŸ™‚
Take care!